Welcome to Koncept Designs WA!

Hi, my name is Carol Keay and if you're looking for assistance with your home decorating you are definitely in the right place! I enjoy helping people get the best out of their decorating or renovating budgets and love seeing them enjoy their newly decorated spaces. Together, wwill focus your vision to create the look you are after and make the right design choices.

Koncept Designs WA can help you with your small or large project, redecorating your home or office space, using smart colour choices, furnishings and accessories to bring new life to any area.

If you seem to struggle over what feels like the simplest paint colour choice or the vast array of window treatments available, or even just need help with your pre-start selections, get in touch with me for some genuine care and practical advice.

Paint Color Swatches

The right colour choice in paint and furnishings can make all the difference to the mood of your home; here's how...

Dining Room, red orange accent colour, bright and airy space

If you want to energise a space, choose a neutral base with a strong pop of colour. It's also easier to change the accent colour when the desire strikes.

White kitchen, open plan living, orange accent, bright and airy space
Soft sofa, neutral colours, natural textures, plants, artwork, relaxing room

Soft neutral colours and materials are ideal for creating a fresh, relaxing mood.

Living Room, neutral colours, textures, plants, high ceilings
Luxurious Bedroom Interior, sily cushions, pintuck headboard, blue, hamptons

Luxury is created in various forms; sumptuous fabrics and metallic accessories, when done right, can add a very lush feel to a space.

Velvet, gold, metallic, cushions, luxurious, fabric, rug, wall panelling

Have you just bought an established house and want to make it feel like your home? 

You love the layout but the look doesn't quite reflect your tastes?

Fear not, I am only a phone call or click away! 

Have something that feels like this: 

wallpaper, curtains, carpet, carver chairs, wood, traditional, busy, cabinets

But want something that feels more like this?

Modern Living Room

As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and I believe the same applies to your redecorating needs. One room at a time, to a whole home, and beyond if you so desire.

Your budget is just as important to me as the desired result being achieved so we'll work together to ensure both are met.

Contact me now to discuss your needs.